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Are you experiencing an infestation of spiders in your home or on your commercial property? It’s hard to know if spiders you’re seeing in your home are venomous, a threat to your family, or  harmless nuisances. Some of the most common spiders found in the northern Virginia area include jumping spiders, wolf spiders, and the venomous black widow. While many spiders are not a threat to your health, they can be a frightening intruder. Preventing spiders from entering your home takes precautions both inside and outside.


Here are some tips from the northern Virginia spider experts at Green Pest Services:

  • Keep all rooms clear of clutter - spiders use this as a hiding place
  • Make sure windows and doors seal properly
  • Make sure you turn off porch lights that attract other bugs spiders feed on
  • Keep webs cleared from all areas of your home
  • Remove cardboard boxes as spiders prefer them for their webs
  • Have your home treated professionally to keep spiders and the bugs out

Spiders Alexandria

The professionals at Green Pest Services offer guaranteed pest control services ensuring your spider infestation, or any other bugs, are eradicated. Keeping your home free from spiders, venomous or not, can be a daunting task. If you are experiencing spiders in your home, contact the experts at Green Pest Services today by calling 703-961-8484

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