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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Although centipedes are not life threatening, the sight of seeing them could be extremely frightening. They are afraid of humans and will only bite if they feel they are being threatened. They are worms with a hundred legs and are 1-12 inches in length. These quick on their feet pests have antennas on their heads and are usually light yellow to dark and reddish brown. If you are bitten by a centipede, it is not life threatening, however, the pain may almost feel unbearable. Some areas that centipedes lurk at are under rocks, logs, and anywhere that could produce moisture. There are centipedes that only stay in homes and will spend their entire life under that roof. These pests usually won't do any damage to food you have laying around or other household items. Once you feel as though you have an infestation, we recommend you call a pest professional to eliminate the problem.

Signs of Infestation:

It won't be a pleasant sight if you see a centipede infestation. One thing that you may notice with multiple centipedes in your home, will be an increased amount of insects. This is what centipedes feed on so you want to try your best to keep those insects out. Another thing that attracts these pests is moisture. If you have standing water around your home or in the gutters, you want to clear that out right away. Some things you can do to find out how bad the problem is set up glue traps around your home. If there are lots of centipedes getting caught, that could be a clear indication that you have an infestation. You also want to eliminate any kind of standing water around your home or in the gutters. Moisture is one of the number one things that causes a centipede to become attracted to the area.

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