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Northern Virginia Pest Control

Initial Service

One of the most essential parts of the initial services by Green Pest Services is the comprehensive inspection. The technicians will examine your home and the areas around it. The professionals we have at Green Pest Services are highly trained in identifying all possible areas of concern. They know about the signs to look for which will lead them to the source of the infestation both outside your home and within.

Typically inside a home, the problematic areas are the kitchen, the laundry rooms, the bathrooms, attics and the basements. These are the most vulnerable areas for an infestation and provide excellent breeding grounds for several pests. Any kind of cracks and crevices in these places provide ideal entry into your home and hiding spots. The initial service works on the interior by using environmentally safe products to eliminate the pests at the source.

For the exterior of your home, there is an increased focus on the entry points by our technicians at Green Pest Services. If the pests have no access to your home, they cannot cause an infestation. That is the first step for the exterior treatment. Once we have the entry points sorted out, our technicians get to work on eliminating the external sources. Locations like garages, hedges, woodpiles, garbage can areas and sheds are treated since they are the most commonly infested areas.

Regular Services

The initial services Green Pest Services provide takes care of the immediate problem. The technicians will make absolutely sure that the pest infestation has completely been rooted out from the source, all the entry points are blocked and any strays are taken care of. This will ensure that there are no chances of an outbreak. The thing is that with every change of the season, your home is vulnerable to another kind of pest. Rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders and mosquitoes are some of the most common pests.

As much as you might hate having surprise guests, these are the ones which are very difficult to turn away. Every homeowner is going to experience a prolonged visit from some or all of these pests in their lifetime. Not just once but multiple times.

Green Pest Services is here and ready. You do not have to worry about these unwanted tenants making a permanent home on your property. We provide the kind of protective services for your home and family which will ensure the safety and security for everyone in the family.

The regular services are something which you need to get done from time to time. This serves as a very good measure to create a protective boundary around your home. With every season, pests come around to invade home with a renewed vigor. Getting regular services done by Green Pest Services will make sure that they are thwarted before they can even set foot on the property.

It gets better. If you are worried about the regular services disrupting your family’s day to day activity, you shouldn’t. The regular services that we provide mostly deal with the exterior of your home. The service is focused mainly on treating the outside portions of your house that can become vulnerable over time.

The frequency of the ongoing services depends entirely on you. We would recommend that you get it done once every two to four months. Letting the vermin breed around your house over time without worry can increase the chances of an infestation again. This is why we recommend getting the regular services done from time to time. Regular services can be performed bi-monthly or quarterly.

We Guarantee a Pest Free Life When You Use Our Services

Green Pest Services guarantees you a pest free life when you call us in to handle pest infestations in your home. We understand that your home is the biggest investment you can make. Our services are geared towards protecting this significant investment of yours. This is why our lineup of products is among the latest in pest control. We eliminate the pests effectively and permanently so that you can live a happy life.

If you ever face a persistent pest problem after our efforts, we promise to return for free until the problem is resolved.


Guaranteed Pest Free

Proven Solutions with Guaranteed Results

Green Pest Services is qualified to handle any pest related issue that homeowners may encounter. Your home is your biggest investment and the professionals at Green Pest Services have an extensive lineup of the latest pest control products and application methods to prevent and eliminate them. Green Pest Services has the right solution for your pest problem.

We guarantee results. If pest activity persists after a service call, we will return for free until the problem has been solved.

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