Wolf Spider

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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Wolf spiders are hairy creatures that are brown or gray in color. They are about 1/2-1 inch long and get their name for always being on the ground and on the hunt during night time hours. These spiders usually get mistaken for the Brown Recluse, however, there is no violin shaped marking on them. One of the main differences between this spider and others is that wolf spiders don't make webs to prey on insects. They also don't travel in packs and prefer their solitude. These quick on their feet pests do not have lethal bites but their bites can be painful. We suggest you seek medical attention if you know a wolf spider bit you.

Signs of Infestation:

It's pretty typical for homeowners to experience wolf spider infestations, as this is one of the most common types of spiders found in homes. If you have a wolf spider infestation, you may notice them during the day. These spiders rarely come out during the day so if you see them, it could be a sign of overcrowding. These spiders mostly get in through homes from the cracks and crevices, entryways and other holes in your home you may not see. The most often times these spiders are found infesting homes is during the fall and winter months looking for warmth. Some ways that can help in preventing an infestation is making sure that your gutter and areas outside of your home are clutter free from leaves and such. You also want to check to see if your lights are attracting insects, which are what wolf spiders feed on.

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