Norway Rat

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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Seeing Norway Rats running around your home might freak you out, but just remember they are much more afraid than you are. These rats will hardly ever come out during the day. They do most of their food hunting at night when the house is quiet and everyone is asleep. Norway rats are omnivorous creatures and will eat anything they can get their hands on, including other rodents. They measure about 1.5 pounds and can reach up to 21 cm long. Their tails and ears are scaly, while the rest of their body is covered in hair varying from gray to brown. Norway rats can't live without water and most times you will find them living near a water source such as a sink or somewhere that has a leakage. If you allow their nest to grow, they will rapidly reproduce. A female rat can produce 4-22 babies in just one litter. If you have a Norway Rat infestation, you want to be sure to call a pest professional because trying to catch them on your own will increase your chances of getting harmed.

Signs of Infestation:

A Norway Rat infestation is something that you want to take seriously as these pests are very quick reproducers. If you have a problem you may start seeing these rats during the day. They are always in hiding so if they are out during the day, chances are there is overcrowding in their nesting area. With the infestation, also comes the smell of urine and seeing rat droppings. The rat droppings will look different than those of roaches, as these droppings will have rat hair embedded in them. Household items, food and other wires may also have gnaw marks on them as rats like to chew on these things.

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