Pavement Ant

Dark Brown
2.5-3 mm
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION You will most likely find pavement ants in sidewalk cracks and floors which is how they earned their name. These pests will dig tiny holes to get underground and leave piles of dirt in a mound. Pavement ants are extremely tiny ranging from 2.5 to 3 mm long and are light brown to black. On their bodies and heads you will also notice that they have light brown parallel lines. Although these type of ants don't bite, they will sting. However, they don't like confrontation and would rather choose to run away than to sting someone in immediate danger.

Signs of Infestation:

Pavement ant infestations are very common and many residents experience this problem one time or another. Researchers have not found many signs that prove you have an infestation, but the number one thing to look out for are working pavement ants and/or swarmers. When these ants enter your home or areas around your home, you will begin to see small piles of dirts from where they dug up to get underground. Having hundreds of these ants invading your home is more unpleasant, than it is dangerous.

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