Paper Wasps

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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Paper wasps are known to be dangerous creatures because of the sting that they deliver. They are about 3/4-1 inch long with bodies that are typically a dark brown or black with yellow stripes. Paper wasps spend a good chunk of their time collecting fibers from dead wood and plant stems. They will then mix that wood with saliva and use it to construct water-resistant nests which are made of brown or gray papery material. Male paper wasps are unable to sting, as only the females are able to do so. They only sting when they feel they are being threatened. When it comes to their colony and nest they are very close social creatures. If their nest gets knocked down, they quickly work together to rebuild. If their nest is in your home, there will be about a couple hundred of them living together.

Signs of Infestation:

The most common thing you will notice when it comes a paper wasp infestation is the presence of these pests flying around. They will usually build their nests in attics, wood piles, or garages and there will be about a couple hundred of them living there. Their nests will always be made out of paper and they work together to build them. Never get too close to their nest. These creatures are very overprotective, and if you make them feel threatened they will attack and sting you. A paper wasp sting is extremely painful, especially if you are allergic to their venom. If you have an infestation, we recommend that you don't remove them yourself, instead contact a pest technician who can quickly and safely remove them from your home.

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