Bed Bugs

Reddish Brown
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Bedbugs earned their name from their favor to grow their nests in beds. They also hide out in areas such as the walls, ceilings and bed boards. These oval shaped, reddish-brown insects are about 3/16" long and are comparable to the size of an apple seed. Many people wonder how they get into their home, and chances are they hitched a ride from either a trip you went on or from guests that came over. These pests usually come out at night to feed on blood, however they are not strictly nocturnal creatures. Bedbugs are able to live for over a year without food, but usually try to feed every five to ten days. These are one of the fastest reproducers, so you want to be sure to take immediate action once you find out they are invading your home.

Signs of Infestation:

If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, there will be a couple of signs that point to it. The first thing you'll notice is waking up to red welts all over your body, which will eventually turn itchy. The difference between bedbugs and flea bites are that bedbugs only feed on exposed areas and their bites don't have a red spot in the center. Many times people try to look for bugs in their bed especially after noticing red itchy spots on their body. However, it is very difficult to spot a bed bug since they are professionals at hiding. One of the tell tale signs of an infestation is if you notice tiny red blood spots on your bed. This could be an indication of overcrowding and bed bugs that have gotten smashed.

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