Argentine Ant

Dark Brown
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION The name Argentine ants comes from their origin of location, Argentina. These pests could be anywhere from 1/10" - 1/16" and range from a light to dark brown. Argentine ants have colonies that are extremely huge and can even take over an entire city block. Their ability to adapt to various locations and eat nearly anything they come across of, is what helps them to survive wherever they may be. These ants are also known to destroy and eat other insects that cross their path. On top of that, a single colony can have hundreds of queen ants which can expedite reproduction. The queen ants are quick on their feet and can move a whole colony in a moments notice with their precise ability to sense danger.

Signs of Infestation:

There are a few things that you will see if you happen to have an infestation of Argentine Ants. You want to make sure you handle the problem quickly because they are fast reproducers. These pests can live from one to two months but the queen ants can live for a decade. The first thing you should look out for are a trail of these pests, meaning hundreds of them lined up going in one direction. They are most likely on the hunt for food, shelter and/or water sources. Many times you will see these ants outdoors but are prone to make their way indoors if they are seeking shelter or other food sources.

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