Brown Recluse

Quarter size
Very Not
SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION The name Brown Recluse came from the spiders traits for being shy and reclusive. They usually hide out in areas that are dark such as the corners, under furniture and in closets. Although most times there are people living amongst them, they still won't come out. These spiders have six eyes within three different pairs. They are about a quarter in size and range from light brown to brown. The strongest feature that these insects have is a violin shaped marking on their head. Brown recluses can live up to six months without consuming any food or water. They are not out to harm anyone but will bite if they feel harmed. A bite by this type of spider is one you should take extremely serious because they are poisonous. If not taken care of right away, it could become life threatening. If you see a brown recluse, do not go near it. If you are using an over the counter spray, the only way they will die is if you spray directly on its body. We recommend contacting a professional to ensure a safe elimination of the spiders.

Signs of Infestation:

A brown recluse infestation might put you in shock because the size of the spider and how many come out. Brown recluses usually stay in hiding and never come out, unless there is an overcrowding issue in their nest area. Although they hide in places where humans often spend time, these spiders will not come out of their corners and will do their best to avoid traffic. Just seeing one of these spiders out will most likely tell you that there is an infestation. If you see one of them, there are chances that there are many others in hiding. You want to contact a pest professional to check out the problem to be safe. These spiders are poisonous and cause a serious threat.

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