Yellow Jackets

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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Some people mistaken yellow jackets for bees, but their body is built much more differently. Yellow jackets have thin waists and elongated wings. Their bodies are yellow and black and they grow to be about a half inch long. Yellow jackets are social wasps and thousands of these insects live in one colony. You will most often find their nests near the ground in places such as under steps, cracks in sidewalks or in bases of trees. You never want to get near their nest. As social wasps, they will do whatever it takes to defend their nest. These flying pests can sting repeatedly and it will be extremely painful. Yellow jackets eat other insects as well as meats and sugary substances. If you have a yellow jacket infestation, leave it to the professionals to safely and quickly remove them from your home.

Signs of Infestation:

If you start seeing more yellow jackets around your home than usual, chances are you have a nest nearby and possibly an infestation. Their presence in large numbers is the number one sign that points to an infestation and you always want to be aware of how many of them are around. If you get too near to their nest or these pests, they may feel at danger and feel the need to attack. These pests can sting repeatedly and their stings are very painful. If you are allergic to their stings it will be extra painful and you will need to seek medical attention. If these pests are disturbing you, be sure to contact a pest professional that can remove their nests and the colony away from your home.

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