Formosan Termite

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SCHEDULE MY INSPECTION Natives of East Asia, Formosan termites are said to have come to the United States sometime in the 1940's. Since then, these termites have made their way to many different states from what researches believe to be infested wooden railroad stakes. Formosan termites measure about 1/2 an inch in length with six legs and are a yellowish-brown. These pests nest within soil and get into wood from the soil and make their way up. They also use soil for moisture and keep a carton like object in their nest. These are some of the main differences you will see between Formosan termites and Drywood termites. Another big thing you will notice are the size of the colonies. Formosan termites have thousands in each colony and can reproduce quickly. Winged formosan termites will develop and eventually get released from their colony. When this happens, they go out to create new colonies. On top of that, in just a day, a queen can produce more than a thousand eggs.

Signs of Infestation:

Being alert to a Formosan Termite infestation is very important because they can cause extensive damage to your home, which will also become costly. A sign of an infestation is seeing smooth sided galleries on the wood structure of your home. These galleries will be noticeable, as this is what termites create when they consume the wood. You may also notice that the structure of your home is damaged and may even be sagging a bit. As long as it's wood, Formosan termites will stop at no costs to chew it up. When the weather warms up during the spring and summer months, termites will come out much more often. There will be swarms of winged termites, which are also called reproductives. Some people mistaken formosan termites for winged ants but the difference is in their appearance. Formosan termites will have front and hind wings of equal length and their antennae's and waists are straight.

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