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The 4 Most Common Pests in the Fall

As summer is winding down and the air is turning crisp, children are going back to school and the leaves are about to turn, it’s important to be on the lookout for opportunistic pests. These pests sense that summer is about over and it’s time to find an appropriate shelter before the cold weather moves in. Just when you let your guard down, these pests swoop in, eating up and stealing your resources so they can grow their family. Here are a few pests that wait till fall to infest and invade your home:


In the summer, rodents are happy in fields and burrows. The weather is nice, the ground is warm and they have plenty to eat. As it gets cold however, they grow anxious, knowing that soon they will be cold and without food. Your house, garage or shed is the perfect solution. Hiding in boxes, your walls or your kitchen, rodents can enjoy the warmth, delicious food they can steal and a nice shelter. They will lay low as long as they can so keep an eye out.


Fall is the time where most spiders die off, leaving an egg sac full of their offspring to carry on. Spiders look for a warm, sheltered place to hide this sac, giving it the best odds of survival. Your house is a perfect solution. Some spiders live longer and can live for several years. It is imperative that they find warmth, food and shelter to survive the cold months and your home or garage provides them with their basic necessities.


Ant colonies can live for dozens of years with a healthy queen and enough food. How do they do this? Ants position themselves next to homes and food sources so they can outlast the winter. Often their colony is deep into the ground, keeping them safe from harsh weather conditions. Finding ways and routes into your house during these months where they can take your food keeps their colony alive.


These pests rely on humans to survive during the cold months ahead. It’s important to keep your home sealed tight so they can’t get inside because once they do, it’s almost impossible to get rid of them without professional help. Cockroaches are masters at concealment so you could have thousands of cockroaches living in your house and be totally unaware, other than the droppings they leave behind.

Prepare for the fall with Green Pest Services

Pest control treatments in the fall are absolutely imperative when it comes to pest control in Fairfax and surrounding areas. Keeping your home pest free is a year round job. Routine inspections and treatments with Green Pest Services will ensure your home and family are safe from pest transmitted diseases and bacteria. Call us today to schedule your fall pest control inspection.