Pumpkins and Pest Protection – Your Guide to Pest Control in Fall 2020

Pumpkins and Pest Protection – Your Guide to Pest Control in Fall 2020

An Increase in Activity

While the warm weather of summer brought pests out of hiding, the cool chill of fall sends them scurrying for a place to shelter for winter. Pests will be prepping for their hibernation and looking for warm, damp places, which means your home and yard become ideal places for pest activity to occur.

Some pests, such as stinkbugs and ladybugs, actually thrive during the Autumn months and will be present in high populations and, while these pests are not necessarily harmful, they are definitely a nuisance.

Because pests are targeting your home at this time, it becomes essential to be aware of any conducive conditions you may have in or around your home and what steps you can take to eliminate these conditions and reduce your risk of an infestation.

Conducive Conditions

Fall is famous for the beautiful colors of its leaves. Even as adults we can remember fondly jumping into piles of leaves while smelling that crisp Autumn breeze. Unfortunately, many pests are also drawn to these fun symbols of fall, making them a problem for pest control. The fallen foliage can act as insulation against the cold weather, making it a prime spot for pests to hide. Furthermore, an excess of leaves can also block our pest control treatments from effectively reaching the critters if left unattended.

Along with shelter, pests need moisture to thrive. So, when water from your roof pools around the foundation of your home, you’re at risk of encountering more pest-issues. Pooling water not only leads to more pests but can sometimes leak into your home or flood your basement, causing expensive damage to your residence. With the chill of winter looming right around the corner, you and your family may be collecting piles of wood for those fun days by the fireplace. Cuddling up by the fire with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate and a blanket is one of the highlights of snowy weather, but that collection of logs can potentially cause you some serious pest problems. Wood piles are like a haven for pests. Whether its insects or rodents, the pile provides shelter and warmth, inviting pests to come gather and build nests or homes, so it is important to take the proper precautions to prevent these pests from finding their way into your home.

Rodents don’t only seek out wood piles for shelter, in fact, they would prefer finding a way into your home instead. Rats can squeeze through holes as small as a quarter, wriggling their way into your life. Similarly, mice can fit through extremely tiny holes that may even seem negligible to you. Adult mice can fit through holes the size of a dime while adolescent mice can even fit through holes that are as small as the circumference of a pen and, if the hole isn’t big enough, they can use their sharp teeth to make it larger. Rodents are not only annoying, but they are a danger to your home and to your health, so it is extremely important to make sure they don’t have access to your home.

Tips and Tricks

The following tips address both the conducive conditions listed above as well as providing other helpful information that can reduce the risk of pests in and around your home this fall.

  • Make sure your downspouts are properly draining and that no debris is blocking/clogging the water flow in any nearby drains you may have
  • Remove leaf piles from the ground to prevent an insect party from forming by your home
  • Wood piles should be moved to a location at least 30 feet from your home if possible
  • Check around your home for any gaps or cracks in your siding, foundation or even around utilities. Try sealing any you find to block off potential entryways for pests.
  • Move trash cans away from the side of your home
  • Clean up and storage areas around your home
  • Check that your windows are properly sealed and that the screens don’t have any tears
  • Make sure the food in your home is properly stored and not left out as a temptation for pests

All of these tips and tricks can definitely help reduce your risk of having an onslaught of pests this fall. We also have your back and we will work tirelessly to be sure your home is safe and secure against any Autumn invaders.