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Are Centipedes Dangerous?

Centipedes are commonly found in gardens and soil, but some people are quite unnerved by the sight of them. Like a terrifying combination of a snake and a spider, these bugs can be rather frightening. Even worse, finding them in your house is disgusting and upsetting. Why would centipedes even be in your house? And if you find them, do they pose a danger to your household? Green Pest Services has the answers and the solution to these problematic questions.

Why do Centipedes Infest Homes?

Your home has everything a centipede could want if the conditions are right. Their needs are basic and your home allows them access to these things, causing them to flourish into a nightmare infestation. What do centipedes require?


Homeowners often find centipedes in kitchens, bathrooms, drains or crawl spaces. Why? Because these places are moist and centipedes need water and areas of humidity.


Centipedes prey upon common household pests such as cockroaches, flies, silverfish, moths, earwigs, and small spiders. Are these insects also in your home? Then a centipede will have plenty of food, thus they won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Can Centipedes Hurt me?

When a centipede captures its prey, a poisonous toxin is injected into the victim, rendering it helpless so the feast can begin. But to a much larger human, a bite from a house centipede is harmless and might feel something similar to a mild bee sting. Their larger and much nastier cousin Scolopendra can deliver poison through its claws simply by walking on a person but these types are not found in the United States so not to worry about them. Of course you don’t want regular centipedes delivering pinching stings to your family members so pest control is essential.

Green Pest Services to the Rescue!

Centipedes will be less likely to stay in your home if they have nothing to eat so keeping your home pest free is the first step. Green Pest Services uses a non-toxic approach, giving you peace of mind that icky pests won’t be replaced with toxic chemicals. Our methods are environmentally friendly and safe for your family. Call us today so you don’t have to live with these nasty, million legged invaders any longer.