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Creepy and Crawly: 9 Common House Bugs in Northern Virginia

common house bugs

Around the world, there are over 900,000 insects identified by science. The types of house bugs you have to deal with personally will depend on your location. Bugs that are common in one part of the country are not necessarily present in others. So, if you live in northern Virginia, what kind of common house bugs can you expect?

Let’s take a look at the most common pests that will haunt your home. 

Common House Bugs

Virginia, like all southern states, has hundreds of bug species. The mild winters allow bugs that have trouble surviving further north, to instead thrive in the moderate environment. Meanwhile, in the summer, Virginia’s humidity and warmth combine to make a perfect habitat for many types of pests.

1. Ants

It’s no surprise that ants are common in northern Virginia as they are the most common household pests across the entire world. Unlike some other contenders on this list, ants are adaptable. They can live almost anywhere and can eat almost anything. 

Ants don’t cause significant damage unless they are a specific type of ants. Most ants you’ll encounter can contaminate food and lead to considerable annoyance. 

2. Stink Bugs

As the name suggests, these critters are unpleasant. While these bugs are annoying, they don’t cause structural damage. When they enter our houses and feel threatened, you won’t be worried about the damage they’re creating. You’ll be concerned about how bad they smell. 

3. Silverfish

While the name may sound majestic, these insects are anything but. They favor damp and warm environments and can invade a house through any cracks or gaps in the outside structure. Once inside, they will feast upon wallpaper, paper, and anything else soft and damp they can clamp down on. 

These are ancient insects found in fossil records from before the time of dinosaurs. They have existed this long by having a winning strategy for survival. Your home is a perfect, protected place for them to live. Basements and crawl spaces are especially vulnerable to infestation.

4. Spiders

If you have lived in Virginia for long, you have probably seen a lot of spiders. Spiders love wooded areas and homes in equal measure. Most spiders are harmless, but some like the black widow can be very dangerous. 

While Brown Recluse spiders aren’t native to Virginia, you should still be careful of them. Bites have been reported, and these little insects have a nasty reputation for causing serious staph infections. Identifying the spiders you’re dealing with is essential. 

5. Pillbugs

Pillbugs are named because of their shape. These bugs are harmless but are drawn to dark, moist places. Basements and crawl spaces are frequent haunts of these little guys. Children can even play with pill bugs and are often delighted when they roll into a little ball. 

Pillbugs are not as easy to spot as you might think. They prefer to come out when it’s dark and quiet and so are often not noticed. If you don’t have your home treated, they can multiply and infest a house in short order. 

6. Termites

In the library of insects, few carry as dark a reputation amongst homeowners as the termite. Virginia is home to several species of termite, and the warm conditions mean that they can thrive. Termite control is essential to save your home and property from their destructive infestation.

Termites eat wood and can cause incredible damage. They live inside walls and around foundations. It is not always easy to tell you have a termite problem. If you suspect any termite activity, contact a professional exterminator immediately. 

7. Centipedes

If there was ever an insect that could be as creepy as a spider, it’s the humble centipede. They are harmless but cause a great deal of distress to people. The sheer abundance of their legs makes it very unsettling to watch them move about. 

Centipedes in Virginia are rather common, and like to dwell in cool, damp places. Mulch beds, woodpiles, and other areas that trap water and stay shaded are their favorite. They are usually found on the first level of homes and in basements. 

8. Millipedes

This is the creepier cousin of the centipede, featuring even more legs. Contrary to folklore, a millipede is not dangerous to you and will not sting you. These critters are merely very unsettling in the way they move and look. 

9. Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs were once thought to be a thing of the past. However, the methods to treat them were discovered to be extremely damaging to the environment, and thus, the unwelcome pests have returned to infest homes.

Bed Bugs bite you as you sleep by climbing through your bed and getting close to your skin. These little insects like to drink blood and have developed a taste for human blood in particular. Bed bugs can occur no matter what cleanliness you keep your house, and once in, they have to be exterminated, or they will continue to thrive. 

Exterminators in Northern Virginia

If you live in northern Virginia, you’re going to have to deal with bugs. Common house bugs in Virginia can be harmless like pill bugs or could destroy your house, like termites. Either way, no one wants an insect infestation in their home. 

If you’re experiencing signs of insect infestation, have your home treated. At Green Pest Services, we can deal with your infestation quickly and easily without poisoning your entire yard. Common house bugs like termites can lead to expensive repairs and can even force you to rebuild sections of your house. 

Don’t wait until you have an infestation that could destroy your property or put your health at risk. Contact us to have all the common house bugs you are dealing with removed and regain your peace of mind.