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When are Bugs most Active during the Day?

If the idea of picking your peaches amid bugs is not appealing to you, you might begin to wonder when the best time of day is to avoid insects. The answer unfortunately is it depends. Insects and arachnids are active at different times depending on the species. Mosquitoes and flies are active at different times as well. There is, however, one time of day when you will see fewer bugs.

It’s all about thermoregulation

Many insects and arachnids depend on the surrounding temperature to regulate their own body temperature. Most bugs are ectotherms and can be more active on a hot day. Wasps, bees and butterflies love it when the temperature is hot. If you think that means you can spent a bug free moment at night, think again. A huge number of creepy crawlies are active at night. They use the cover of darkness to find food, with less risk from predators. If you knew that a bird was going to swoop down and eat you, you might decide that going out night is worth it. Bugs can be active at night because the air temperature is still high, and the temperature of the ground is warm. This keeps them going for most of the night.

The best time of day

If you want to see less bugs, get up in the early morning, right before the sun comes up when the temperature is at its coolest. Spiders, wasps and a whole variety of other insects will still be waking up. Unfortunately, Mother Nature never likes to make things easy. There are insects that can generate their own heat. Insects with big flight muscles are able to warm up their body without sunlight. That is why you will still be battling mosquitoes even when other bugs are still getting ready for the day. So, in the early morning you will fewer insects, but you will have to wait for winter to see a time without insects.

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