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How Long Can Bed Bugs Survive With Out Food?

You can only go a week or two without food. A bed bug can just a bit longer. If people or pets are not around, bed bugs have a unique trick where they can slow down their body and hibernate. This adaptive strategy makes it so a bed bug can go almost an entire year without eating. That means if you have bed bugs in your home, hanging out at your parents or a friend’s house for a few months isn’t going to make the problem go away, hungry bed bugs will be waiting for you when you return home.

Bed Bugs in Fairfax

When you think of bed bugs, the image of hotels and motels might come to your mind. According to Fairfax County, the hotels in Fairfax have been very proactive with bed bug control. Besides bed bugs are such a big problem, they have spread far beyond the hotel industry. You can find bed bugs in hotels, motels, hospitals, daycares, schools, army barracks, restaurants, office buildings, movie theaters, and public transportation. There have even been reports of bed bugs infesting personal vehicles. That’s right, you could have bed bugs living in your car and biting you while you drive down highway 50.

Beware of Hitchhiking Bed Bugs

The reason bed bug infestations have been on the rise is because they love to hitchhike. If you visit a place that has bed bugs, you risk bringing them home with you. They will latch onto backpacks, duck into briefcases, hide in computer bags, and crawl into purses. Bed bugs can even grab onto your clothing and hang out until you get into your car, step into your home, or walk into your room. Once inside, bed bugs will seek out a hiding place. Imagine all of the places in your bedroom where you could hide an apple seed, and you begin to get the idea of where bed bugs could hide. They can hide in furniture, electrical outlets, wall voids and box springs. The possible hiding places go on and on.

Green Pest Services

Because bed bugs are excellent at hiding and difficult to treat, biologists recommend using a professional pest eradication service. That is where we come in- we are Green Pest Services and we eliminate bed bug infestations. Our technicians are trained bed bud experts. Bed bugs cannot hide from us. We have the most current scientific treatment options and we can handle everything from a light infestation to the kind that keeps you up at night. Our treatments are safe for you and your family, but will eliminate bed bugs. If you wonder if the bites you are getting each night are coming from bed bugs, give us a call. Our technicians can identify the signs of bed bugs quickly and effectively. You deserve a home that is free from bed bugs. When you want your dream to become a reality, give Green Pest Control a call.