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Interesting Facts About Stick Bugs

Stick insects are one of nature’s most incredible insects. Camouflaging itself is quite remarkable but for a bug to resemble a piece of nature so perfectly is a wonder. When sitting completely still, a stick bug can hide from predators and evade dangerous prey that would like to make it lunch. The stick bug doesn’t just blend in really well however, they have several other characteristics that make it one of the most unique insects on the planet.

Gender doesn’t matter

A stick insect can reproduce parthenogenetically, meaning when males are scarce, a female can produce eggs that will hatch into more females. When a female mates with a male, the offspring have a 50/50 chance of being male or female.

They can regenerate their limbs

Similar to lizards that can regrow a tail lost in a battle with its prey, stick insects can also lose a limb in a dangerous moment, saving its life so it can scurry away. Using a special muscle allowing the leg to break off at a weak point, the stick insect gets away and the leg will grow back by the time it molts again.

Even their eggs are camouflaged

Not only can stick insects resemble sticks so perfectly in many tree colors with bark and even lichen patterns, but their eggs also mimic other pieces of nature. Stick insect eggs can be easily mistaken for seeds scattered on the forest floor and most egg eating insects will pass them by unknowingly.

Beware of their defenses

While stick insects don’t bite, they have developed some incredibly creative defense mechanisms. Some species will regurgitate a bad tasting substance that leaves their attacker with a nasty taste in its mouth. Others use their leg spines to inflict pain on their enemy while different stick insect species may even emit a chemical spray similar to tear gas toward their offender. These are of course harmless to humans, just don’t try and eat them.

They play dead

If a stick insect senses sudden danger, they will immediately fall from wherever they are perched and lay perfectly still on the ground, just like a fallen stick. This process is called thanatosis and successfully tricks their prey into believing they are just a tasteless, dried stick. Clever stick insect, very clever.

They hold the record

A newly discovered stick insect in Borneo, recently broke a world record making stick insects the longest insect in the world. With its legs extended, it measures an incredible 22 inches!

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