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Are Free-Range Chickens Good For Pest Control?

Free-range chickens are a popular way of farming chickens because they aren’t “cooped up” in a chicken coop, completely confined in a fenced and sheltered home. Instead, these chickens roam free around a large, open enclosure (just so they don’t wander far away) but have the freedom and space to move. However, it has been noticed that wherever free-range chickens are, fewer pests exist. Why? Because chickens eat them! Chickens eat pretty much everything but if they see bugs and insects, they will gobble them up. Homeowners with free-range chickens suddenly report fewer insects in their yards.

Multi-Purpose Birds

Not only do chickens provide you with beautiful, fresh eggs daily, they will keep your yard free of the bugs you find so annoying. Chickens are a pesticide free, low cost  way of treating your pest problem. Guinea hens are among the most popular type of chickens when it comes to pest control. Do you have a problem with ticks and fleas? Well, if you have free-chickens, this will be a problem no longer since they are masters at seeking out these pests and are most delicious to them. These birds have keen eyesight and can spot a pesky, crop-killing beetle easily and before you can blink an eye, it’s lunch.

A Farmer’s Feathered Friend

Chickens help farmers keep the crop damaging pests away. A study conducted Oregon State University brought chickens into an apple farm to conduct a study of biodynamic pest control. The chickens ate up every apple maggot around, saving the crop completely, leaving these organic farmers very happy and impressed. If you have a garden you would like protect, you might consider free-range chickens as an option of organic, natural pest control.

Green Pest Services to Handle the Rest

If you don’t have free range chickens to help you or they have managed to let a few stray pests past their guard, it’s time to call in Green Pest Services for the rest. Chickens are amazing little pest vacuums but they aren’t perfect and sometimes unwanted pests can sneak past their attention. Green Pest Services offers you safe, environmentally friendly pest control. You don’t want harmful chemicals around your house and that’s why our technicians use only the most non-toxic and safe yet effective methods out there. Give us a call today for a completely pest free home this year!