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Amazing Insects: Flies

Flies are most notably associated with feelings of annoyance, disgust and frustration. But aside from the negative emotions they conjure, they are quite incredible insects. House flies, horse flies, gnats, fruit flies and mosquitoes are examples of some flies that you see regularly. They may seem ordinary and an unnecessary part of nature you would like to disappear, but these insects are rather remarkable.

Amazing facts about house flies:

  • They carry 2 million bacteria on their body (insert look of horror).
  • The feet of a housefly is 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than a human tongue. You might have a sweet tooth but they have a sweet…foot?
  • You might sometimes feel that the house fly you are trying to swat with the fly swatter has super powers since it evades your swats over and over. This is due to their highly evolved, lightning speed reaction to any changes in air currents.
  • Flies love manure or feces of any kind. This sticks to the hairs on their legs. When they land on food at your BBQ, this bacteria transfers. It’s important to keep food covered to avoid this.

Amazing facts about mosquitoes:

  • Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on earth. This may surprise you, but due to the diseases they carry, more people die as a result of mosquitoes than any other animal.
  • A mosquito’s’ wings beat on average of 300-600 beats per SECOND. This is incomprehensibly fast.
  • Mosquitoes must have water to breed in. It doesn’t have to be deep, they often breed in shallow puddles to keeping standing water out of your yard will decrease the number of mosquitoes around your home.
  • A mosquito can detect carbon monoxide from 75 feet away. This means that your exhale breathe is literally like the scent of a mouthwatering meal in the air.

Amazing facts about gnats:

  • A female gnat can lay 300 eggs in a day and can live up to 4 months.
  • Gnats are usually thought as an annoyance but some of these flies bite and drink your blood. Just when you thought mosquitoes were bad enough!
  • Female gnats use blood to to aid in reproduction and will even travel more than 40 miles to find a blood source (a.k.a. YOU).
  • Like mosquitoes they are attracted to carbon monoxide and appear in your house in the winter months.

How to keep these fascinating insects out of your home

While these flies are incredibly interesting, that holds no bearing when they are bothering you in and outside of your home. Green Pest Services is here to the rescue! We use the most advanced and environmentally friendly methods of keeping flies at bay. You don’t need to suffer unfairly with these bothersome creatures all year round. Instead, set up year round fly control. When you’re in need of pest control in Manassas and surrounding areas, call Green Pest Services!