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Water as a Weapon to Drown Pests, a DIY Pest Control Fail

One common misconception is that water will kill a pest infestation. Insects can drown, but it’s harder to kill them with water than other living things. They must be submerged for long periods of time. You have to remember, insects live outside and when it rains or you turn on the sprinklers for that matter, their homes and nests become flooded regularly. They have found ways to adapt to being drenched and their habitats being swamped. If you spot a black mass of infesting ants on your sidewalk while you are watering your flowers, you might think that spraying them with your hose and soaking their home would kill them, but all it does is scatter them temporarily. Sure, you might kill a bunch of them, but when a nest has thousands or millions of ants, water won’t cut it as a pest control method. Just wait, they’ll be back tomorrow. That is essentially how it is with most insects. Water won’t deter them, they’ll return again.

Why doesn’t water kill insects?


Insects breathe through little holes in the sides of their body and when these holes can’t access oxygen, just like you and I, they can die. However, it takes much longer and it’s difficult to hold all the infesting pests in and around your home underwater for as long as it takes. Simply spraying water at them won’t kill them. Maybe some of them, but not all. If you have cockroaches, earwigs, spiders or wasps infesting around your home, hosing their home down isn’t enough. Besides, do you really want to saturate your own house with water? Hold each spider under water till it stops kicking? No, not only is that gross and disgusting, it’s simply not effective. And running around your house with a hose is a waste of water and ineffective if not ALL the insects are removed. You want ALL your pests gone, right? Of course you do!

Green Pest Services for effective removal


DIY methods are not all they’re cracked up to be. Some methods appear to work for a little while, but soon your problem comes back, and sometimes with a vengeance. Often a DIY approach will simply scatter the infestation, breaking it off into smaller infestations which will grow into a humongous headache. Skip the DIY ideas and head straight to the professionals. Our treatments are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Often people use DIY methods because they fear anything else will be toxic and harmful. Not with Green Pest Services! You will have complete peace of mind and not only that, guaranteed results. What could be better than that? Save your water, give us a call today!