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German Roaches Amazing or Nasty?

If your home in Fairfax is plagued with a case of German cockroaches, you might begin to realize that this is not your ordinary infestation. German cockroaches are a little bit different than any of their cousins. These small differences enable them to infest your home with ease. German cockroaches might be amazing at home infesting, but they are nasty. Like any cockroach, German cockroaches spread a variety of diseases. If you are tired of seeing cockroaches running around your house, it is time to call in Green Pest Services. When it comes to cockroach control in Fairfax, we are your local solution.

One Part Amazing, two Parts Nasty

German cockroaches are smaller than other cockroaches. This means they can fit into thousands of locations that would be too big for their cockroach cousins. All of those additional locations mean you will have a massive infestation inside your home. Not only are German cockroaches smaller, but they are also egg laying machines. They produce more eggs than the American or Oriental cockroach. First the female cockroach produces a sac called an ootheca. Each ootheca contains about 48 eggs. She will carry this eggs sac around with her to keep it protected. When it is ready to hatch, she will store it in a secure spot and soon new baby cockroaches emerge. Even with one female cockroach in your home, it won’t take long for you to have a full blown infestation. Remember that each eggs sac contains 48 eggs. Newly hatched cockroaches become capable of reproduction in about six weeks. Each female cockroach produces a bunch of ootheca in their lifetime. With all of these factors in play, with the right temperatures and food, you could have a population that numbers around 10,000 individual cockroaches in one year. German cockroaches are definitely amazing and nasty.

Green Pest Services

There is good news for you when it comes to a German cockroach infestation. If you want it to go away, all you need to do is call in the professionals with Green Pest Services. We understand cockroaches and we have years of experience. When you call us, you will be putting our experience to work for you. No infestation is too big or small. You never have to live with an infestation, to take care of the problem you need a local solution, you need Green Pest Services.