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Avoiding Ants

Ants can cause a surprising amount of damage. They can raid your cupboards – getting into all of your food, invade your personal space, and even destroy the stability and integrity of your home with their excessive chewing and building. Here are some things to watch out for when it comes to these tiny pests. 

A Mossy Mess

Even during the colder times of the year, ants continue to forage. It is even common for ants to forage for food on days when the temperature is just above 50 degrees. When you see a food source such as moss in your yard, it could potentially be attracting more ants towards your home. When our pest technicians encounter these types of situations in your yard, they can help advise you on how to eliminate these pest attractors and, in some scenarios, even assist you in removing the issue itself. Getting to the root of your problems is what we do best!

Persistent Carpenter Ants

Sometimes Carpenter Ant problems are especially difficult to control inside of a home. In these cases, it could be that the carpenter ants are living on your roof in a shaded area. This could include patches of moss or other vegetation that can grow on the shingles of your roof. To prevent this, try checking your roof for any patches of growth and be sure that your gutters are running freely and clear of debris. Removing these areas of refuge for the pests will help our technicians to successfully eliminate your Carpenter Ant problems. 

Potential Nesting Sites

Potential nesting sites for ants include: logs, trees with voids where branches used to be, planters on a deck, or even rain gutters. These types of places can harbor thousands of ants and supply a never-ending stream of ants marching their way into your lives. In cases like this, you may need to clean out your planters or even have your gutters professionally cleaned. 

Electric Ants

As bizarre as it may sound, ants are attracted to sources of electricity and sometimes can take shelter from the elements inside your electric generators. In some cases, this can cause mechanical failure due to moisture being brought into the unit by 1000+ ants, or even due to them chewing on the wiring! Once they infest the electrical unit, it can be very difficult to get rid of them, so prevention is key! 

We will work with you to find these hidden threats, advise you on how to best proceed with your particular pest problem, and help prevent an ant invasion in your home any way we can.