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6 Trusty Tips to Avoid Pest Invasions

It’s that time of year where the weather is feeling crisper and sweaters are almost a must. Your warm and toasty home is a refuge from the cooler temperatures, but this is also a reminder that the pests outside also see your home as this escape from the cold weather. Insects and rodents can’t put on sweaters so your home is like their salvation from the deathly chill of the approaching winter months. So unless you’re prepared to hand out itsy, bitsy jackets to all the pesky things trying to get in, it’s time to pest-proof your home before winter. It is absolutely essential if you want to avoid infestations.

How to Pest Proof your Home

You can make your home a tightly sealed fortress against pests. It might take a little work but it’s worth it and will be the best defense against pest infestations. The small amount of money it will take to do this is nothing compared to the expensive cost of an infestation. Here are some tips to keep your home protected from pests:

  • Seal Openings: This one seems pretty obvious but if you are not looking closely, you might be unaware of potential doorways to pests. Using weather stripping around your doors and windows not only keeps the drafty air out but prevents insects from sneaking in.
  • Repair Screens: If your screens have holes in them, insects can sneak in and when you open your windows for a little fresh air, pests make their escape.
  • Keep your Kitchen Clean: Pests smell food that is rotting or left out. Cleaning up dishes after meals, sealing food in airtight containers and keeping the floor swept provide little food for hungry critters. A clean kitchen discourages an infestation.
  • Avoid Moisture: Many pests love damp areas of moisture. Keeping moisture from accumulating keeps pests away. Fixing leaky tubs and sinks and making sure your basement is dry keeps the water loving pests away.
  • Clean up your Yard: Many pests such as rodents and spiders love a cluttered yard. It gives them somewhere to hide and nest. Taking care of leaf, wood and garbage piles means they have fewer places to take cover near your home.
  • Schedule Routine, Professional Inspections: Green Pest Services offers routine inspections year round. These inspections with our experienced technicians find any hidden infestations you might be unaware of. Our technicians are skilled at scouting out and removing even the toughest pest problems.

Professional Pest Control you can Count on

Green Pest Services is proud to offer environmentally friendly pest control in Manassas and surrounding areas. You will not need to stress about toxic chemicals taking care of these pests since we use only safe methods of removal that are gentle around your children and pets. Pests are opportunists and will take any opportunity they can to move into your home and escape the frigid weather. Making sure your home is sealed tight and secure protects your home and family from dangerous pest infestations. Let Green Pest Services advise and assist you on how to prevent and remove these troubling problems. Call us today.