Common Pests During Each Season

Common Pests During Each Season


When the frost begins to melt and a breath of air stops feeling like a frigid gulp of ice and more like fresh Earth, you know that spring has finally come! Unfortunately, this is when pest activity begins to increase substantially. Rodents tend to head this onslaught of undesirable activity as they emerge from their nests and begin foraging for food. There’s also a risk of some larger rodents, like voles, beginning to tunnel in yards, ripping up gardens, and destroying your newly budding grass.

Following the rodents, ant activity typically begins to rise and, if you find yourself with carpenter ants, you want to be extremely cautious of the damage they can wreak on your home. Soon, other creepy crawlies and frustrating flyers will join them, making this one of the most important times of year to be sure your home is secure from little invaders.


Ants are exceedingly common throughout the summer, invading houses and raiding pantries. While the ants lay siege to your home, mosquitos often lay in wait in your backyard, ready to bite you the moment you try to enjoy a warm afternoon BBQ. Ticks are also on the prowl in particularly wooded backyards and yards with lots of foliage.

All types of wasps, hornets, and bees begin buzzing with activity as well. Following them is an onslaught of common, tiny pests including stink bugs, silverfish, centipedes, spiders, flies, cockroaches, and more.


As the months get a bit colder, some insect activity lessens, but others stay consistently annoying. Boxelder bugs, little black and red bugs with large antennas, tend to find their ways into homes along with stink bugs, beetles, lady beetles, western conifer seed bugs, and spiders.

While some spider webs may look atmospheric on your home around Halloween, their creators are less than pleasant to have around. They are a tad helpful at capturing and disposing other insects, but they are very unpleasant to look at and some species are highly venomous. Some of the most venomous spiders to watch out for are black widows and brown recluse.


It is often assumed that the warm months mean a disappearance of pests. While this is somewhat true as many species will engage in diapause – the insect version of hibernation – or hunker down in hiding for the winter, it certainly doesn’t mean that your house isn’t still at risk. Often times rodents and insects alike will flock to homes as they are a perfect source of both shelter and food. Some pests that you should be wary of for the risk of them making camp in your home include cockroaches, spiders, and rodents.

We’ve Got Your Back

Pest control is a battle that needs to be fought in every season. Our technicians are trained to find bugs and rodents in their many hiding spots. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean your pest problems have vanished. Give us a call and we can stop an infestation before it’s too late. Call us today to get your home secure and protected from these pesky pests.