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Will Pest Control Hurt the Birds in My Area?

Birds are incredibly valuable to our ecosystem. Not only are they beautiful, but they help out farmers by assisting in pollination and seed distribution, disposing of dead animal waste, aiding in natural pest control, along with providing many more important functions in nature. When birds are dying because of human errors and toxic chemicals we are putting into the environment, our planet suffers. We need birds if we want a healthy planet and in order to survive, they need us to be careful.

How to Protect our Feathered Friends

One of the biggest dangers to birds are pesticides. Homeowners and property owners throughout the last century have been trying to find ways to rid their homes, gardens and farms of damaging and destroying pests. In the process of getting rid of these particular invaders, the chemicals they used, in turn, were killing the bird population. When homeowners find an infestation in their home, the first instinct is to run to the store and buy up whatever strong chemical is on the shelf. These pesticides however, are often toxic to not only birds but your pets or your children. Extreme caution is needed for such delicate matters. Your trusted pest control technician knows best how to handle this.

Why Choose Green Pest Services?

Green Pest Services cares about the environment. Over the years as pest infestations treated with harsh chemicals may have solved one problem, they created disastrous consequences and birds were harmed in the process. Now with the help of specific scientific technology, we have the ability to use treatments that target only that type of pest, while remaining safe and non-toxic to all other creatures. This is vital when fighting infestations because while you want to remove the pest, you don’t want dangerous and poisonous chemicals around your children, pets and the beauty in nature, including birds.

Our Commitment to our Planet

Technicians at Green Pest Services will help you not only remove your infestation but also protects the environment in the process. Your peace of mind is important to us and we would never dream of using methods that would harm our planet. There are many ways of removing infestations that don’t involve chemicals at all and our technicians are as experienced as they come. Our goal is completely “green” pest control and that commitment is evident in our name. Call Green Pest Services today!