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Wasps vs. Bees

When it comes to wasps and bees, most people see these as flying, stinging nuisances. While that is true for one, it is false for the other. Bees do our world a lot of good and are far less annoying and aggressive than their look alike cousins. But it is true, both have stingers and both cause pain, but the wasp has fewer happy benefits in nature compared to the bee. Regardless, unless you physically put a hobbyist’s honey hive in your backyard, you likely don’t want rogue hives of bees or wasps popping up around your home. When you find them, Green Pest Services will help you tell the difference. Are you dealing with wasps or bees?


When flying, wasps appear shiny and that is because they are virtually hairless while bees are fuzzy or even fluffy looking. While in flight, you can’t see a bee’s legs but wasp’s legs are clearly visible in flight, hanging down long past its body. Bees make nests of wax while wasps nests are made of paper. Only bees make honey.


Bees and wasps are very different when it comes to behavior. Bees are highly social insects, working together to further the good of the hive. Wasps can be either social or solitary, depending on the species. Wasps are also aggressive and prone to attack if they feel threatened. They will sting repeatedly over and over till the threat has vanished. Bees are gentle and only sting if their life is in jeopardy because once they sting, their life is over. They have to feel pretty terrified to actually use their scary stinger.

The Sting

Here is one of the biggest differences between a wasp and a bee. When a bee stings, it loses its stinger entirely and injects a large amount of venom, about 50 micrograms. A wasp on the other hand stings repeatedly and its stinger retracts back inside. Each sting releases 2-15 micrograms of venom. Allergic reactions to bee stings are scary and when someone is stung, they should be closely monitored in case of severe reactions.

Safe, Professional Removal

Our technicians are trained how to safely remove hives. Bees are beneficial so relocating them is the key and we can do that safely and efficiently. DIY hive removal is never something that should be attempted, especially when wasps are involved. You could become the target of their vicious attacks. Keep this job for the professionals and call us today!