When insects or rodents invade your home, you want to get rid of them. While your reasons of getting rid of insect invaders or rampaging rodents could be broad, one main reason stands out. Many of the pests that invade your home can make you incredibly ill. If you have ever wanted to know what sicknesses you can get from bugs or mice, here are the top 5 illnesses brought to you by your friends at Green Pest Services.

1: Asthma.

Technically you do not get asthma from insects, but cockroaches make it worse. Their saliva, shed skin and feces trigger asthmatic reactions that can be life threatening. In fact, up to 60% of people suffering from asthma are sensitive to cockroaches.

2: Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

This one is serious. According to the Center for Disease Control, 38% of people who contract Hantavirus will die from it. Hantavirus is spread in the urine and feces of mice. It gets into your lungs when you sweep or disturb areas where rodents nest and live. Early symptoms include fever and chills, after which your lungs will begin to fill with fluids.

3: Malaria.

This illness is not much of a concern in America. The only time you should be worried is when you travel to countries where Malaria is rampant. Mosquitoes are to blame. These little creatures kill upward of a million people each year from the diseases they transmit. Malaria deaths make up more than half of that number.

4: Lyme disease.

Ticks are to blame. This disease comes from a tick bite if you are in the North Eastern United States. If you get bit by a tick and a few days later the area looks like a massive bull’s eye, you are in for a terrible time. The symptoms of Lyme disease are numerous and include things like, nerve pain, rashes, problems with short term memory, and severe headaches.

5: Leptospirosis.

Symptoms of this disease range from fever and headaches to kidney failure and bleeding. Rats are the primary vector of this disease. It is transmitted through their urine and feces.

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