As New Year’s Day looms, we as a society have been conditioned to think of resolutions on the first day of the year. What we will change and how we will make the new year better than last is something we stew over and write long lists for. Statistically, 71% of resolution writers don’t make it past the first 2 weeks. That means that a little more than 25% actually stick to their goals past the first month. Most people’s resolutions involve desires to do better, work harder, and weigh less. Basically this involves the abolition of laziness. If bugs could write resolutions, we can figure out which ones are accomplishing their goals of a more productive life. In honor of a more fruitful year, Green Pest Control gives you our list of the busiest and laziest bugs around.


Can you guess which category this one fits into? Snails don’t exactly get anywhere fast and the term “slow and steady wins the race” doesn’t apply to them. They are one of gardeners most hated insects since they kills anything in their path. Green Pest Control can give you snail removal tips, don’t hesitate to ask!


Again, another slow moving insect and by all description, they literally just poop and eat. But these guys are actually incredibly beneficial for your garden. Recycling the soil is what they do best. They may not be the fastest creatures, but they sure do their job. So you decide…productive or lazy?


I bet you’re going to guess that the ant would be in the industrious, productive category, right? Well, you would be correct. But did you know that there are some ants that get by doing as little as possible, living off the hard work of the others around them? A study found that some ants simply live as lazy as they can, mooching off the colony, expending as little energy as possible. You wouldn’t have expected this out of an ant, but maybe they should write some community resolutions.

Honey Bee

This insect has made a name for itself as being the hard working kings of the insect kingdom. Working together and pulling their weight creates a strong hive and a tight family. People over generations of time have created work methods and business modules based on the strategies of the honey bee. These insects definitely don’t mess around.

Learn a lesson from the industrious and most successful insects. Make one of your resolutions to have a pest free home. A pests’ goal is to intrude upon your home so you need to counteract their desires and stop them before they start. Green Pest Control will help you keep your resolutions. Getting on a year round schedule will keep us coming back, taking care of the pest problems before they escalate into disasters. So don’t be one of the 71%, keep your pest control goal and call us today!