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Are Ticks Spiders?

Have you ever looked at a tick closely? If you ever have the chance to look at one, you will notice that they have eight legs. Insects have six legs, while spiders have eight. Does that make a tick a spider? Nope. Ticks are not spiders, however, they are related. Ticks, spiders, harvestmen and mites are all in the same class which is called arachnida, or arachnids.

The big difference

Spiders are predators. Either they spin a web or stalk prey, but either way they are looking to get something to eat. Ticks in the other hand are parasites. When a tick finds you, your dog or some other animal, they latch on and have a feast of blood. Here in Alexandria, your yard might have a population of ticks. If you begin to notice that your pets are always getting ticks, you have a tick problem. If you send your kids outside to play and you later find a tick on their skin, you have a tick problem. Ticks carry diseases. If you are tired of being concerned about tick bites, it is time to call in the professionals with Green Pest Services. When the people of Alexandria need pest control, they turn to us.

Green Pest Services

We understand ticks. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with insects, rodents and especially arachnids. Each one of our technicians is certified. For you that means they have passed the tests and have the knowledge necessary to eliminate infestations. We take pride in our work. When you call Green Pest Services, you know that you are getting the best in pest control. We can find the hot spots in your yard where ticks like to congregate. Once we have identified the problem areas, we use a multi-pronged treatment approach, called integrated pest management, to ensure effectiveness. That is what sets us apart. We use proven methods and the most current technology available. You don’t have to live with ticks. You can call Green Pest Services and we will take care of the problem.