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Winter Home Wreckers

When old man winter comes blowing into town, there are a few critters that will try to come and sneak into your home. Everything from the food to the temperature is what makes your home a target for invading rodents and insects. Your warm home becomes extra attractive with winter around the corner. Here are a few pests you need to watch for and the ways to keep them from becoming a problem.

Mice and Rats

One of the biggest winter problems are mice and rats. They do not like the cold and your home is their winter vacation destination. Rodents carry a wide variety of diseases that can make you and your family ill, some of the diseases are life threatening.


Solution: Get your caulk and hardware cloth. If you want to stop rodents you have to think like them. Walk around the exterior of your home and look for gaps and cracks. If there is a space the size of a dime, mice can get in, if the holes is the size of a quarter you could be sharing your pancakes with rats. Find the holes and seal them. Remember to check the spaces around your doors, windows and pipes. If you have rodents in your home, our technicians with Green Pest Services can help you eliminate them.


This is another problem that can start in the winter and last all year. Raccoons love your attic. Like mice and rats, raccoons transmit disease. They are also destructive, they steal food, tear up electrical wires and urinate and defecate all over.


Solution: Visually inspect your attic. If you find signs of raccoons you will need to get a trap or call Green Pest Services. Our technicians will set the traps and remove all the raccoons. Once they’re gone you can seal up all the entry points. Raccoons get into your attic through vents or gaps. Check the spaces around your chimney and pipes to make certain a raccoon couldn’t fit. Seal up any spaces, with hardware cloth or sheet metal.


Few people like spiders, even fewer like to live with them. Having spiders in your home makes you feel like you are living in a haunted house.


Solution: Just like rodents, you need to seal up your home. Baby spiders are tiny, make certain your doors and windows seal tight. If they don’t, buy and install weather stripping and seal them up tight. After your home is sealed, call Green Pest Service, we can eliminate the spiders that are still roaming your home.

Green Pest Service

If you want to keep your home pest free, your best solution is a call to Green Pest Services. Our certified pest control experts can help you eliminate pests and identify the areas where they are gaining access into your home. We make pest control easy, call us today.