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Top 5 Pests You Don’t Want to Sneak Up On

We share the earth with billions upon billions of other species. Some critters are beneficial, others are facilitating, and then there are those with which you should never make contact. Here are five creatures Brought to you by Green Pest Services that you never want to meet.



You can thank Walt Disney for making them look cute and reasonable, yet there is nothing cure or reasonable about a mouse. If you find them, they will explode out of your food and hide under your couch. While in your favorite cereal, they were eating and they were also defecating. Mice poop and urinate to mark what they think is theirs. That includes all the food you know is yours. What is even worse is that mice are capable of transmitting over 20 nasty diseases that will make you hate Mickey.

Bed bugs


If you have a bed bug infestation the last thing you want to do is check on anyone that is asleep. Every part of the skin not covered in clothing will be covered in hungry bed bugs. What’s worse is the knowledge that when you fall asleep… you’re next.



They might scamper away when you turn on a light, but if were to notice where they were eating, you might feel sick. Any food that is left out, or not sealed will be part of their dinner. If your mother taught you to share, she didn’t include six legged fiends. Cockroaches will gladly rummage around your toilet and bathroom floor, and then be in your left over pizza. If you share your food with a cockroach, you may come down with a severe case of food poisoning.

Fire Ants

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You might not even know you are sneaking up on a colony of fire ants until it is too late. When you step on their ant hill, they swarm out and begin crawling up your legs. Unfortunately, you will not feel them until they all bite… at the same time. Hundreds of mouths clamping down on your skin and releasing venom will make you realize why they are called fire ants.

Black Widows


If you are rummaging around in the garage, or crawling around you crawl space. Be careful of where you place your hands. If your finger sneaks up on a black widow that has made your old gloves its home, you are going to get bit. Black Widow venom is some of the worst in America. Their venom is a potent neurotoxin. If you get bit you will experience severe muscle pain, abdominal cramps, extensive sweating, and muscle spasms.

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