One of the most common fears of humanity, besides public speaking, of course, is the fear of spiders. As much as 30% of the population suffers from at least some level of arachnophobia, not surprising given that they are one of the creepiest of all creatures. Giving us something new to fear, a tech firm in Lausanne, Switzerland, has developed a cutting-edge spider robot that can move even faster than actual spiders. One of their goals? To accurately replicate and eventually improve upon modern insects.

Here at Green Pest Control, we think there are plenty of ‘natural’ bugs to contend with, and it’s our goal to keep your home free from all unwanted spiders and other pests. With warmer weather on the horizon, spring is the season when everything that found shelter in your home’s nooks and crannies during the winter starts to wake up and invade your space. And chances are, if you come across a spider or two inside your home, there will soon be many more, as spring is also the season for baby spiders to hatch.

The most common spider you’re likely to find lurking in your home is the house spider. These spiders are usually about ¾ inch long and grey or brown in color. Although not dangerous, nobody wants to share their space with spiders, whether venomous or not. House spiders like to hang out in dark spaces like closets, basements, or attics, and come out to hunt for food at night.

The best defense against all spring pests is regular pest control treatments. Regular visits will safely eradicate all existing bugs that are waking up from winter hibernation and create a protective barrier for any critters wanting to enter your home. Our highly-trained professionals know exactly how to identify current problem areas and prevent future problems. Also, here at Green Pest Control, we take great pride in using only the safest, most environmentally friendly pest control methods. We’re so good at it, it’s even our name!

Keep your home safe from spring spiders. Call Green Pest Control today.