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Real Insects That You Might Not Believe Exist

With more than 30 million types of insect, you would have a hard time numbering all the different bugs. With all that variety comes some of the strangest looking bugs on the planet. Here are a few insects that will make you wonder if Mother Nature was using a little bit too much legalized marijuana.

The Frankenstein Fly:

Frankenstein Fly
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Take the trunk of an elephant, the body of a dragon fly, the tail of a scorpion, the wings of a horse fly and the antennae of a grasshopper and you will have a Scorpion Fly. The name might sound ominous, but it doesn’t sting and is not known to hurt people.

The Caterpillar hated by Indian Jones:

snake caterpillar

You’ve seen some pretty strange looking caterpillars, now imagine one that looks like a snake. The Elephant-Hawk moth, also known as the snake caterpillar, has a backside that looks like a snake. Caterpillars have been eaten by birds for eons. When a bird sees a snake caterpillar, it decides to find a different meal.

Look at the Pretty Birds:


You might think you are attracting hummingbirds with all those pretty flowers, yet you might be feeding a bug. The Hummingbird moth looks so much like a hummingbird that most cannot even tell the difference. They fly the same way and even have the same coloring.

Is that Really Hair:


The flannel moth caterpillar might look exactly like a Donald Trump toupee that you could wear for Halloween, but that would be a terrible mistake. This furry caterpillar comes equipped with terrible spines that will fill you with enough venom to make the pain last for half a week.

A Thorny Disposition:

thorn bug

If you have never seen a thorn bug, it is easy to imagine. First off, imagine the thorn of a rose, and then add six legs. Lastly, snap a set of wings under the thorn and you have yourself a thorn bug. The thorn bug love attacking fruit trees and can damage some ornamentals.

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