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How To Keep Fleas Away From My Pets

Your pets mean the world to you and keeping them safe and healthy is definitely a priority. One enemy to your pet is the flea. These blood sucking insects see your lovable pet as a grand buffet and unless you do something about it, they will keep snacking on your dog or cat until you make them stop. Fleas on your pets are akin to lice on humans. You know how disgusting, frustrating and upsetting a lice outbreak is in your house. Not only is it gross, it’s itchy and that constant itching will drive you mad. Think how your pet feels. For them it’s even worse since their legs often cannot reach the itch that makes them crazy. Asking your vet about flea control is important but did you know that the next step is to seek flea control from your professional pest control technician? Flea control in Bethesda, MD is best handled by the experts at Green Pest Services.

Why Flea Control is Important to You

Keeping your pet free of fleas is not only essential for their wellbeing but for yours too. Did you know that if your flea ridden pet comes inside, YOU can get fleas too? Fleas see the fibers of your carpet as “hair” and nestle down, just waiting for a good, juicy meal to come along…like your ankles! You may be wondering why you have itchy red spots on your body or feet. This could be that your sweet pet has brought fleas inside and they are now waiting to feast on you too. And if all this isn’t bad enough, yes, fleas can get into your hair too giving you the same kind of annoying, intense itching your poor pet feels.

A Sure-Fire Plan of Attack

A flea free pet: First of all, taking your pet to the vet to get rid of the fleas is a good place to start. Constant and regimented flea control for your pet helps keep them out of your house to begin with. Your pet’s vet will have many suggestions and treatments for your pet so they can remain free of itching fleas for good. Following the vet’s advice is imperative to keeping fleas away.

A flea free family:There are also lots of shampoos and combs to help you get rid of them if they managed to get into your hair. Most pharmacies or drug stores carry good shampoos and lice combs that will also work to get rid of fleas if they have managed to infest your hair.

A flea free home: Calling Green Pest Services to combat the fleas in your carpet and around your furniture is a must. Our technicians are experienced at getting rid of ALL types of pests, including fleas and helping you get rid of these as soon as possible so they don’t bite your or your pets any longer is our goal. We care about our customers and want to help you have a complete flea and pest free home.

Green Pest Services

Maintaining a pest free home can be difficult but Green Pest Services in Bethesda is your trusted source when you need guaranteed and effective flea and pest control. We won’t quit till the job is finished and use only the most advanced, non-toxic methods so your home will soon be safe and sound. Call us today, we look forward to hearing from you!