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Don’t Tuck in the Bed Bugs Thanksgiving Night

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Whipping up a gourmet Thanksgiving feast is hard enough let alone finding places for all your relatives to sleep when they come stay for the holiday. Preparing the beds to make sure they are comfortable and clean is important. But what if while making the guest beds you discover a terrible, horrifying sight—bed bugs! How will you let your mother-in-law or great aunt Ethel sleep in a bed teeming with biting, blood sucking insects? Or worse, how will you tell them? Should you tell them? And where did they come from? You didn’t invite them! Which guest stayed in this bed and brought them? No matter which relative or friend brought them into your guest room, you need to get rid of them fast.

How bed bugs travel

It is a common misconception that bed bugs like beds and therefore only stay near beds. These terrible insects love to hitchhike around. For instance, your cousin Joey could have brought these bed bugs into your house because they hitchhiked from his college dorm room on his backpack and jumped ship onto the guest bed where they took residence under the mattress. Do you see how easy this is? Suddenly you have a bed bug problem.

Bed Bug FAQs


Most people know two things about bed bugs—that they live in your bed and they suck your blood at night, but there are many little known facts you may like to know.

  • Not just in the bed. Bed bugs congregate where humans sleep, however you might find them along the floorboards or in the nightstand.
  • They hate light. The bugs are photophobic, meaning they hate the light and will stay where it’s dark. Use a flashlight to search in dark places.
  • Look for fecal spots. After a blood meal, bed bugs deposit dark brown fecal spots on the sheets. When you find these dark spots, you’ve got a problem.
  • Size and color. Bed bugs that haven’t fed on blood will be tan while those who have had a good meal will be dark brown in color. They can vary between 1/16 and ¼ of an inch.

Pointe Pest Control will get rid of your problem

Before the family descends upon your holiday, call Pointe Pest Control for fast bed bug control. We are experts at getting rid of bed bug infestations quickly and effectively. Providing you safe and non-toxic treatments will give you peace of mind. Worrying about toxic chemicals around your sleeping areas is not something you need on your conscience. Pointe Pest Control specializes in gentle yet guaranteed bed bug control. We take care of our customers, especially when it comes to bed bugs. Give us a call today, we are happy to help!