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Getting to the Root of the Problem

No matter what pest problem is plaguing you, the best way to fix it is to get to the root of the problem. This is the only sure-fire way to truly get results and stay pest free for the long run. We focus on long-term solutions and will work in tandem with you to find any conducive conditions you may have in or around your home. The following includes some real customer stories regarding the roots of their problems, as well as what we can do to help in these cases.  

Repeat Bed Bugs

Why might you be having repeat bed bugs, even after our follow up treatments? 

Have you taken a vacation and stayed at a hotel since we were last out to treat your home? No… Do you have a home health care person that visits your home? No… 

Have you had any guests visit and spend the night? No… 

Do you have a housecleaning company? YES! 

One of our customers recently discovered that this was the source of their bed bugs! It turned out that their housekeeping service brought bedbugs into the home via the vacuum cleaner on multiple occasions, causing the home to be re-infested after our follow ups and call back treatments had been performed. While this kind of negligence is rare with housekeeping services, it’s important to be aware of different reasons why your particular issues could be persisting despite frequent pest-control treatments. Identifying the root of your problem is truly the key to solving all your pest issues!

Sealing Exclusions

When you have a rodent problem, it’s easy to think only of the issue at hand – the rodents themselves. While trapping and removing them from your home will immediately help curb your problem, it’s only putting a band-aid on the issue, and you may soon find yourself with a worse problem than you originally had. 

Mice can fit through extremely tiny holes that may even seem negligible to you. Adult mice can fit through holes the size of a dime while adolescent mice can even fit through holes that are as small as the circumference of a pen and, if the hole isn’t big enough, they can use their sharp teeth to make it larger. We offer minor exclusion work – filling any holes you may have that are smaller than the size of an apple in order to help prevent rodents from entering your home this way. 

It’s important to not only consider how they are getting in, but where they are coming from. Rats can cover an area the size of a football field to locate food! In cases where you have rat siting’s and droppings but cannot seem to find the source of the rats… consider branching out your search. One of our customers recently had a rat infestation where our bait stations confirmed both rat and mouse droppings but there was no sign of a rat burrow nearby. Our tech noticed the customer had a shed a few hundred feet from their home and, upon inspection, discovered an entire rat “hotel” underneath the shed. We are always there to help you locate where your rodents are nesting so that you can stay safe and rodent-free.  

Connecting the Dots

Some of our customers find themselves dealing with a multifaceted/multistage pest control issue. In a recent incident such as this, our tech found that the customer’s 20-year-old backyard swing set was being used as a Carpenter Bee Nursery, hatching roughly 20 bees a week! These bees then left the swing set and began burrowing into the customer’s expensive crown molding on the front of their home. This, unfortunately, attracted woodpeckers that created even larger holes in the beautiful modeling in their attempts to access the Carpenter Bee larva as a food source… It all ties together. Our technicians are not only trained and certified but have loads of experience treating these kinds of multifaceted issues. They can assess your unique situation and help you connect the dots in your own pest problems so that we can get to the root of your issue and reach a pest-free solution together!