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Pest Free Holiday Decorating

When the weather outside is frightful and that hot cocoa in your mug tastes delightful, you know the year’s best holidays are right around the corner. One of the best parts of the holidays is decorating for them. Digging out boxes from the basement, attic or garage filled with your holiday decor while you blast Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls really gets you in that festive mood. Nothing will give you more holiday cheer than putting up the tree, splashing some colorful poinsettias around, and hanging that fresh pine wreath on your door. However, at this time of year, you need to be extra vigilant with pesky intruders. They will take advantage of you in your vulnerable, distracted moments. Pay attention, below are several cautionary tips!

1–Inspect storage boxes

Carton box filled with Christmas decoration balls

When you bring in those special holiday decorations, it is most important that you inspect them first, especially if you’ve been storing them outside. Before bringing in any totes, bins or boxes, inspect them for chew holes. That would be your first clue that your decor has been a cozy living place for rodents. When you open up these containers, check all over for other pests such as spiders or moths. You do not want these pests to make your home their home. Stay alert and check things carefully.

2–Watch for hitchhikers on plants and greenery


Pine trees, poinsettias, wreaths and other natural winter decor needs to be thoroughly examined. If you cut down your own tree or get one from a tree farm, you must remember, these trees could have been homes to many other creatures such as rodents and insects. That lovely pine smell is the only thing you want to bring in with that tree. Carefully shake it before you bring it inside and inspect each branch individually to make sure there are no hitchhiking critters coming in too. Checking poinsettias for mites and spiders is also important so don’t forget that one.

3–Keep firewood piles away from your house


A wood burning stove or fireplace really sets the mood for holiday decorating, just make sure you check the wood as it comes in. Spiders or other insects would love a warm place to settle in. Also, keep wood piles at least 20 feet away from your house. Wood piles are popular places for rodents and spiders, specifically black widows, to nest. The farther this pile is from your house, the less chance you have that any pests living there will get into your house.

Pests don’t disappear with the cold weather, they just get better at hiding. Calling your professional Green Pest Control technician when the temps start to dip is absolutely vital when it comes to keeping your home pest free. Our expert technicians will inspect and treat all wood piles, and make sure your home is sealed to all potential intruding pests. Our customers are important to us and so is your comfort so give us a call today so we can help you have a pest free winter.