One thing you know about insects, is there are a lot of them that can bite or sting. Most stings hurt, but the redness and pain die down after a few days. The sting is something else entirely if you are allergic. You might know someone that needs to carry an EpiPen in case they are stung by an insect. Without a dose of epinephrine, even a common bee sting can be life threatening. Here are a four of the most common insect sting allergies.

  • Honey Bee: It is unfortunate that such a happy, honey making insect can cause such pain and discomfort. Honey bees sting when they, or their nest, feels threatened. If they sting you, it is a death sentence for the bee. The stinger comes out of their body and is left to pump venom into yours. Honey bees have little furry bodies with dark and yellow coloring.
  • Yellow Jacket: Yellow jackets look like a fat, smooth, honey bee. Their markings are black and yellow. They often build their nests underground in old rodent holes. Sprinkler boxes work as well. Even furniture left outside will do in a pinch. Unlike honey bees, yellow jackets have a rapid repeat stinger. They never lose it. That means they can pump a lot more venom into you than a honey bee. Yellow jackets are also very aggressive. If you get close to their nest, they will attack.
  • Paper Wasps: Paper wasps can be red, black, brown, yellow, or a combination. The best way to identify a paper wasp is through its nest. You can see them around the eaves of your home. Their nests look papery and will have eggs and larva in the small exposed combs. They will also build their nests in equipment, dense vegetation and being your shutters. They like places that are safe from wind and rain. Though they are not as aggressive as yellow jackets, they will attack if you get close to their nest.
  • Hornets: One of the best ways to identify a hornet is by looking at its nest. Hornet nests are gray and circular, with a small hole at the bottom. You cannot see the eggs or larva. Often you will find their nests in trees. Hornets are black, brown or white with yellow or orange. Like paper wasps, they get aggressive when you get close to their nests.

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