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Bees vs. the US Air Force

Last week, honey bees proved a worthy adversary when they brought down a $143-million-dollar super stealth F-22 Raptor from the 192nd Air Wing of the US Air Force. The Raptor is the most advanced fighter jet in the world, but it was temporarily grounded by a huge swarm—about 8 pounds’ worth—of bees at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia.

Approximately 20,000 bees were hanging from the jet’s exhaust nozzle, and because honey bees are at risk of extinction and so important to our environment, crew members contacted a local beekeeper and retired US Navy veteran, who said the hive was the largest he had ever seen. Vacuum hoses were used to transfer the bees into
buckets and the colony was safely relocated.

Bee removal

Without bees, the plant world could not exist. Bees pollinate most fruiting and flowering plants and are essential to our eco-system. Due to disease and lack of nesting areas, honey bee populations are in decline. However, you might not be thrilled to find a colony of bees in your own backyard.

A backyard beehive can be dangerous for many reasons. Bees have a painful sting and get aggressive if they feel any threat to their hive or colony. Bees are more aggressive when it is hot, if there is a lack of flowering plants near their hive, or if the hive is located in a shady area. Loud lawnmowers or weed eaters can also aggravate bees, and cause them to swarm and sting. If you discover a hive in your yard, keep your distance. Make sure everyone is aware of the hive’s location, and if the bees seem aggressive, go indoors immediately.

If the hive is far away from your house, and no one living there is allergic to bees, it might be ok to allow the hive to stay. However, if there is any threat of danger, err on the side of caution and have the hive removed. Never attempt to remove a hive yourself. Even if you believe the hive is empty or abandoned, call a professional exterminator to safely remove the hive.

The experts at Green Pest Control are well-prepared to deal with your bee emergency. If you find a hive near your home, or any other insect or spider problem, give them a call today.

Photo credit: CNN