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Amazing Insects: How Do Wasps Build Nests?

Finding wasps around yard, you know their nests have to be close by. Wasp nests don’t look like the hives of honeybees, which are roundish and made of wax and honeycomb. Wasp nests are made of a papery substance that is gray colored. Usually you’ll find them under the eaves of your roof, in sheds, garages or anywhere that is dry and protected from the elements. How do wasps build these incredibly intricate paper nests? Where do they get the paper? Do they steal notebooks from garbage cans? Nope, they certainly do not. Green Pest Services, your wasp control specialists, will tell you how they do it!

How Wasps Make Paper

A wasp nest starts with a queen. She scrapes wood fibers from trees, logs, fence posts, or even cardboard and chew it up with her mandibles, mixing the chewed fibers with her saliva till it forms a soft, papery pulp. Once a suitable spot is chosen where it can be protected from direct sun, rain or hail, she will begin construction. It is a rather fascinating piece of art, that such a little wasp can create a design so perfectly symmetrical. The queen builds the nest using the wet pulp and shapes it as it dries, which becomes stronger once completely dry.

These hexagonal cells are the tiny beds where the young wasps will grow and hatch. The queen lays the eggs and then covers the cells in a paper envelope so the larvae will be protected until they are completely formed. These nests degrade overtime and are not fit to last through the winter months so new ones need to be constructed each spring.

Professional Wasp nest Removal is a Must

There are two reasons professional wasp removal is important. The first is because wasps are determined creatures so simply using chemical or a sharp stream of water from the hose will not kill the wasps. It will only deter them slightly and cause them to build another nest quicker in a nearby location. The second reason is because wasps are aggressive insects and if they sense a threat, they will attack and repeatedly sting you over and over again. Green Pest Services uses the most effective and safe methods for wasp control. We are experienced and excited to help you because pest control is our passion. Giving you a pest free home is our goal. Call us today so we can make it happen.