Manassas Spider Control

Spiders may be great for Halloween decorations, but when it’s February and you see live arachnids around your home, it’s time to get help. Spider infestations are rare but extremely unpleasant, as you probably know. Each species behaves and lives differently from the next, so it can be difficult to solve the problem on your own. But you don’t have to. You have access to excellent Manassas spider control at Green Pest Control. We can manage every infestation with powerful, ecofriendly products and procedures.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


”I have been using Green Pest Services for 4 years and am very happy with their service. They treat inside and outside of my house quarterly and re-treat as needed at no additional cost. I also like that their products are environmentally friendly. I highly recommend Green Pest Services to others!!!” -LJ stars  

How We Can Help

Spiders are typically solitary creatures, which is why these kinds of infestations are so unique. Unlike a colony of ants, these pests may or may not stick together, making it more difficult to manage the problem. However, our experienced technicians are trained to identify and treat all of your pest problems, including arachnid invasions. With our expert knowledge, we can determine the species of spider, as well as their living habits and nesting locations. In a few steps, we will have the issue under control. Some of our green Manassas spider control methods include eliminating food sources and removing nest areas. Since spiders are not social creatures, we know there’s a specific reason a group of them decided to settle in your home. As predators, they could be going where the food is. If we can control the prey population, the predators will naturally move on. On the other hand, your spider infestation could be a result of attractive living conditions. It may be time to clean out the garage or move the woodpile in your backyard. We can help you identify the best Manassas spider control treatments without breaking out the dangerous chemicals.

How You Can Help Yourself

When you’re facing a spider problem, professional help is your best bet. At Green Pest Control, we will get rid of the spiders quickly and safely, never putting you or your home at risk. Give us a call today, and say goodbye to the spiders.

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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