Manassas Rodent Control

If only cheese were the only thing that rats and mice loved to eat. Unfortunately, it seems they enjoy just about everything in your home, from vegetables to furniture. Rodents can cost you hundreds of dollars in groceries, repairs, and pest control efforts, not to mention all those sleepless nights. At Green Pest Control, we have your solution. We offer green Manassas rodent control that will eliminate your infestation quickly and safely.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


”I have been using Green Pest Services for 4 years and am very happy with their service. They treat inside and outside of my house quarterly and re-treat as needed at no additional cost. I also like that their products are environmentally friendly. I highly recommend Green Pest Services to others!!!” -LJ stars  

More Powerful than Cheese

If you walk into a Manassas store and ask about rat or mouse management, you’ll probably find a huge variety of products and brands. There are traps, baits, sticky plates, and poisons all claiming to be the easiest, most effective way to rid your home of those furry pests. However, they leave out the aftermath. Once you have eliminated a rodent, how are you going to dispose of the body? Worse yet, how are you going to find the body when all you can do is smell it? When you look at it that way, those do-it-yourself Manassas rodent control products are more trouble than they’re worth. But you can’t accept that colony of rats as your house guests either. That’s why you can count on Green Pest Control. We handle all rodent infestations in a way that is both powerful and safe. We don’t bring hazardous chemicals near your home, and we use methods with a low impact on the environment. Our green products paired with a detailed knowledge of pest types and habits make for great Manassas rodent control.

All You Need to Do

A pest problem, particularly involving rats or mice, is not something you want to ignore. Time solves many problems, but not that one. If you you’re worried that rodents have infiltrated your home, give us a call right away. Let us be on your side.

Schedule your FREE Inspection today to get $35 OFF your first service!

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