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5 Plants That Repel Bugs

When the weather warms up, it’s wonderful to see the blossoms bloom, grass turn green and your yard become a growing haven once more. As you browse the plants in your local plant nursery, there’s some you might consider using around your home this year and every year. There are many tricks and tips to keeping your home and yard pest free and one such trick is planting bug repellant plants. Using these to control pests, cuts down on the amount of chemicals and treatments needed to keep them from your home. Everyone likes natural, cost effective solutions, right? Well this is one of them! Here are some examples of bug repellant plants you can grow this spring:



This is one garden greenery that has many uses. Not only is it a beautiful plant, but it does a great job at repelling flies and mosquitoes. Placing planters of this herb near doors and windows will deter these pesky pests. This multi-use plant is also incredibly delicious in salads and Italian dishes. It’s definitely a win-win when you use this around your home.



There is nothing on this planet more annoying than trying to enjoy the outdoors when suddenly you’re getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, leaving you itching for days. Finding any kind of herb and plant to repel these sucky bugs (pun intended) is a bonus. Mint is one plant that does that well. The odor it gives off may be unappealing to mosquitoes but it is pleasant to humans. And when you’re relaxing in your mosquito free yard with a glass of lemonade, break a sprig off. Nothing better than mint lemonade!



Flowers beautify your yard and create a lovely serenity and it’s even better when they help keep nuisance pests away. These beautiful flowers repel mostly beetles and aphids. Planting them next to garden veggies or fruit trees can prevent hazardous beetles and pests from harming your produce. Using minimal amounts of insecticides on produce will keep your family healthy and chemicals off your tasty garden morsels.



As a favorite scent in the perfume world, lavender is one of the top 10 favorite smells. Many pests however, find it revolting. Flies and mosquitoes, along with many other unwanted insects do not appreciate the smell. Rather than using dangerous, cancer causing chemicals from mosquito repellant, try using lavender oil instead as a safe, effective alternative. Hanging bunches of lavender around your patio, porch or deck can prevent mosquitoes from messing up your backyard barbeque.



This delightful herb is commonly used to flavor meat dishes such as fish or chicken. Most people don’t think of it as a common pest deterrent. But it is! Planting this herb in small pots can not only be useful for fresh cooking seasonings, but it will help keep your yard free of annoying stinging and biting insects.

Keeping your home pest free throughout the year will prevent damage and frustrating infestations. These and many other plants such as marigolds, garlic, bay leaves, dill, and chives will encourage a pest free environment. But if these don’t work and you find your home crawling with constant pest activity, call Green Pest Services for family friendly and environmentally safe pest control. We are happy to serve our customers and look forward to hearing from you!