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Leesburg Mosquito Control

Their bite causes an itchy bump, yet the real problem with mosquitoes is the number of diseases they carry. Mosquito borne illnesses have caused more human deaths than anything else, including war. If you have swarms of mosquitos attacking you each time you step outside, relief is only a phone call away. For Leesburg Mosquito control, you need a certified professional from Green Pest Control.

Mosquito Control

Water that you would consider unfit for human consumption is perfect for growing mosquitoes. Mosquito larvae grow and thrive in puddles of water. Eliminating standing water around your own yard will only do so much. Controlling mosquitoes is difficult, because you cannot control the actions of your neighbors. They may leave pools of standing water throughout their yard. If there your home is located near a river or lake, mosquitoes have wings. Most species can cover a range of 1 to 3 miles. If you are having a wedding, family party, or large outdoor barbeque in your backyard, controlling mosquitoes is in the best interest of you and your guests. Before you go out and buy a bunch of citronella candles, you need to know that they have been proven ineffective in outdoor areas. The repellant disperses into the air before it can be beneficial. If you have an outdoor party coming up, don’t worry, Green Pest Control has been proven to be very effective in mosquito elimination.

Green Pest Control; a solution with your safety in mind

Controlling pest infestations is our passion. When it comes to mosquito eradication, Green Pest Control is your solution. We stand by our name. Unlike other companies, we avoid using toxic chemicals that degrade nature. Our green treatment options are effective at killing bugs and safe for the environment, you, your family and friends. Your safety is our priority. If you are tired of buzzing mosquitoes and itchy bites, make the call that will protect you. Now is the time to beat back the mosquito problem.

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