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4 Quirky Strategies to Eliminate Mice Naturally

Mice and other rodents can be a serious problem in the winter months, not only wreaking havoc in your kitchen but posing a serious health threat to your family. If you have pets or small children, you’re probably just as nervous about bringing in harsh chemicals and poisons as you are about the hazards posed by the rodents themselves. If so, here are four natural repellants that might just do the trick:

Peppermint Oil – Add peppermint oil to your cleaning products, and place peppermint oil-covered cotton balls in all the drawers, cupboards, and other areas frequented by mice in your home. Replace these regularly so they’re always potent. While this won’t eliminate your infestation, it will keep mice away from areas you don’t want them.

Mothballs – Like peppermint oil, mothballs placed in frequented locations will keep mice away from that area. Note that this solution can be harmful to pets and children, so keep mothballs out of areas where they might get to them!

Noise Repellant – Several companies sell high-frequency sound transmitters that are meant to irritate mice and drive them away. There is little evidence that these are effective, but may be worth a try.

Soda Pop – The logic behind using soda against mice is that because they can’t burp, the gas from the bubbly beverage will build up inside of them and eventually kill them. Simply pour sugary soda into a shallow container and place near the nest.

No luck? The best solution for any major rodent problem is to call in the experts. At Green Pest Services, we promise smart and effective pest control that is safe for your entire family. We service the Washington DC area and beyond. Contact us today.