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Be aware of Water Nesting Bugs

Living near a body of water can be a source of great pride. Many hours spent on a lake or river provides hours and weekend full of enjoyment and pleasant memories. Boating, river rafting, water skiing, canoeing—all of these things make living close to a lake or river absolutely worth it. However, it does comes with its downside. There are many bugs that nest in moist, wet places. When they hatch, you know it because it seems like they are everywhere. Being aware of the most common water insects will help you to spot them when you are outside this summer. Identifying these insects will help you know whether they are harmful or harmless and if you should stay away. Here are few examples of common water loving bugs:



This is one we will just come right out with because it is one bug that comes to mind particularly when water insects are brought up. Mosquitoes aren’t just prominent around lakes and rivers though. Mosquitoes like any kind of standing water. If you live in a desert but just so happen to have a broken water pipe with standing water in your yard…well you’ve just created a perfect breeding ground for thousands of mosquitoes. Keeping your home free from moisture is very important for mosquito control. If you have areas of chronically wet ground, calling Green Pest Services for mosquito treatment is vital.


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Also known as water boatmen, these bugs love swimming pools. If you have pool, you’ve probably seen these creatures. They are slender, brown and oval shaped and prefer laying their eggs in swimming pool algae. One of the huge problems with backswimmers is that not only are they gross to swim with but they BITE! It’s not a poisonous bite but the sting can be rather painful so getting rid of these so you can enjoy your summer swimming time is essential!



These little, tiny bugs fit their name to a T! Called no-see-ums because it’s incredibly difficult to see ‘um, these annoying insects quickly turn any river fun, hiking trip or backyard barbecue into a frustration. Their favorite things are their water loving home, drinking your blood with friends, and making someone frown. They also go by other names such as punkies, sandflies and midgies. If you’re being attacked by stinging phantom bugs, chances are you have no-see-ums in your yard and need an expert hand at combatting such a menace.

If you live close to water or have areas of standing water in your yard, you definitely need some professional, pest control help. We are your answer to getting rid of water loving nuisances. We use environmentally friendly methods that are safe for your pets and loved ones, yet tough on bugs. Our technicians are experienced at getting rid of infestations so you can enjoy your home and yard once again. Don’t wait any longer, call us today!