Termite Trouble

Termite Trouble

Termites are not just annoying, they’re incredibly destructive and can put your home and structures at risk of collapsing. These creatures are known for being sneaky – often causing unseen damage or even damaging things that you were not aware were a target.

What are we doing? 

Some customers wonder why our technicians clamber and crawl their way under your decks. Termite activity can be abundant in hard to reach areas of your foundation, under low lying decks, etc., and you may not even be aware that these types of issues are persisting in your home. Our techs are dedicated to protecting you and your home from these types of pest-threats and will take the necessary steps to inspect these kinds of areas so they can be treated if required.

Springtime Problems

Termite infestations are more commonly discovered in spring than any other season. This is due to the appearance of “swarmers.” Swarmers are winged termites that fly in – you guessed it – swarms to disperse their population and start new colonies. This migration is triggered by the temperatures rising outside and while these swarmers do not damage wood and only survive for a very short amount of time, their appearance is indicative of a termite problem that is already out of control.

Termites and Pools

A customer recently contacted us about a curious termite problem: they had noticed several holes in their pool liners and were losing roughly an inch or two of their pool water each day. The customer was concerned that termites were eating through the pool liner and, unfortunately, this was indeed the case. Some termites, such as the subterranean termite, require a lot of water to survive and have been known to lay siege to pools, underneath sinks, and other damp areas in order to satisfy their moisture requirements. If you notice any suspicious signs of pests such as this, call us right away so we can help protect your home and amenities from further damage and help to prevent any future pest-related destruction.

Can I Treat My House Myself? 

Professional intervention is highly recommended when it comes to termite infestations. Because of how destructive and dangerous the pests can be, it is important to eliminate them quickly and effectively, which requires special equipment and skills. Our technicians have years of experience fighting termites and are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to successfully tackle any termite problem you may have.


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