Herndon Termite Control

Quite a few Herndon High School athletes have come out of the woodwork and thrived at the next level. Basketball star, Scottie Reynolds was a McDonald’s All American when he played for the Hornets. He went on to play point guard for the Villanova Wildcats. Reynolds was the 2006-07 Big East Rookie of the Year. HHS alum, Brandon Guyer plays baseball for the Tampa Bay Rays. He famously hit a home run in his first major league at bat against the Baltimore Orioles. Unfortunately, there are other things coming out of Herndon’s woodwork. Termites are a big problem that requires a pest control service to resolve. Sign up for Herndon termite control from Green Pest Services.

Termite Tidbits

Termites rarely show themselves. They are fragile creatures and need to remain in moist places. Unpainted, damp wood is an ideal place for them to live. Termites maintain a steady diet of cellulose material. They will swarm trees or firewood piles. If they find their way into your house, they will start to eat the wood. You won’t immediately see signs of termite damage. One sign of termite activity are small wood pellets that termites excrete. The tunneling in the wood will make it significantly weaker. You might have to do serious reconstruction projects. Termites don’t just go away. A queen can stay alive for up to 50 years.

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More Than One Pest Bothering You?


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Green Pest Services: An Easy Fix

Instead of shelling out thousands to repair termite damage, prevent it from happening altogether. Green Pest Services provides expert termite control for a fraction of the price. Not only will your Green technician treat your household, but he will also spot treat other structures in the yard. Your trees, gazebo, and deck will all be safe. Our products are the most effective termite eradicators on the market. They are also the safest and do no damage to the soil or your plants. We guarantee that we can solve your termite problems. We will do any retreatment work necessary to put your home back to square one. Call and schedule your initial visit today.

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